Silas Kering,the new face in Kesses Constituency Politics

Silas Kering is the new face in Kesses Constituency and Eldoret South politics. At a relatively young age,Kering has cut the image of a real politician.

He is said to be in control of his home voter base and this has greatly catapulted him. Kering also appeals to the youthful generation and this gives him an added advantage.

His ratings rose during the NCCK aspirants forums held in different parts of the constituency. This is attributed to his articulative style of issues and his concrete policy plans.

He also is among those who top the chart in the use of social media-facebook. His academic credentials gives him an edge over the rest as he is a masters degree holder in Nuclear Physics though critics say it is not prudent to lose such a proffesional to the murky territory of politics.

His humble backgrounds also give him a springboard since residents feel he is best placed to understand their problems. Kering has also been politically neutral and has in his engagements avoided negative politics.

However,Kering has just worked for a few years which doesn’t post a past record for him to be judged on but this political pundits say is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

His other disadvantage is that he lacks the financial might to run his campaigns and so far has not made major inroads in most parts of the constituency. This is a big obstacle considering some candidates are heavily- moneyed.

It’s also alleged that Kering has an ego problem. He has too much pride and this works against him. Unconfirmed sources also claim Kering has been angling for the attention of URP Party leader William Rutto in which political observers say is a sign of political desperation.

Ratings however,show that he is highly rated with recent polls placing him fourth. It shows that though Kering is a new face in politics he has made a name in Uasin Gishu Political scene.

In addition is the age factor,since he has nothing to lose considering he still has a chance to contest the 2017 poll in the event he loses. Political commentators say that Kering may choose to make a mark this coming election to give him a springboard and a point to begin from in the 2017 polls.

The other factor that pulls him down though is that he hails from Kerita which is considered as part of Tarakwa where most constituents feel have had their time in leadership.

Generally Silas Kering is a new cropped politician and has made a name on the Eldoret South political scene. Will the polls favour him to win the URP party ticket at the december nominations?



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