Peris Simam’s charm offensive on the electorate

Hon Peris Simam has reached out to the electorate saying she deserves to be re-elected.This came out in a meeting held at her home.

Simam who is facing corruption charges did not respond to our question on misuse of local funds saying the matter was before the courts and it would amount to contempt of court discussing it.

She however praised her supporters for sticking with her through difficult times.

Without mentioning names,she condemned those behind her misfortunes.She said their deeds were retroggressive and represented the works of those against her development record.

Apart from allegations of local funds misuse,Simam has been accused of under-development.She has also been said to have concentrated development projects in her region Tarakwa. Both Primary and Secondary centres of excellence are situated in Tarakwa.

It’s also claimed that Simam has ignored those that do not support her.Villages that are deemed not to support her have been completely neglected and this is clearly seen in the pathetic state of road networks in most parts of the constituency.

Her arrogance and uncontrolled utterances are also working against her.It is said she told Cheptiret residents she would not be cowed down to make a swamp a centre of excellence. Further her stand during the boundary dispute,where she intented to have the name Kesses changed to Tarakwa,also angered some constituents.

It’s also said she has fragmented and scatterd support in her family.This is supported by the fact that her step-brother Jonathan Birgen is challenging her for the parliamentary seat.Her brother-in-law James Bett is also on the race.

There is also the Jinx of non re-election in the history of Eldoret South,all indicators point to the fact that it is unlikely for Simam to break the jinx.

There is also the Tarakwa factor. Most residents are fed up with Tarakwa leadership and are not ready for another term of a Tarakwa leadership.

It’s further alleged that Simam has recently fallen out with URP party leader William Rutto,this is confirmed by the fact that she has not been accompanying Rutto in his meet the people tours as she used to. It’s further said Simam has financial constraints,and unconfirmed reports say that she went to Former President Daniel Arap Moi to seek financial assistance from him.

Pundits however maintain that it’s too early to make an accurate assessment on wether Simam would find herself in political oblivion in the coming months. It’s also a wait and see wether she will play her cards right.

The writer Kimutai Korir is a Moi University Law graduate and a Political


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