The Tarakwa rebellion in Kesses Constituency

Some months to the general elections and already events are beggining to take shape in Kesses Constituency.

The mood in most parts of the constituency is that majority are not ready for another round of Tarakwa leadership.Tarakwa has produced a bigger number of members of parliament than other parts of the constituency and this seems to have led to a feeling that it’s enough for Tarakwa.Majority say it’s time other parts of the constituency are given a chance to lead.

It’s also critical to point out that the constituency has experienced minimal development and the quality of leadership from Tarakwa has been put to question.

What has in addition contributed to the brewing regional factor is a statement by the incumbent when she was questioned on why she made Tarakwa Secondary a centre of excellence instead of centralising it in Cheptiret,it is alleged she mocked Cheptiret residents saying there’s no way a swamp would be made a centre of excellence.Tarakwa School of excellence is in her backyard.

This has infuriated Cheptiret residents,who say they have been sidelined for long and despite not having a candidate of their own this time round,they have vowed to support someone they feel will have their interest at heart so long as he/she is not from Tarakwa.

It’s also said that during Jesse Maisz’s regime the beneficiaries were those within Tarakwa and mostly his family members.A man of riddles,Maisz used to say those who enjoy the honey are those around the beehive.Jesse Maisz also comes from Tarakwa.

It’s also a factor to consider that Tarakwa is a very small region that has a small number of voters,putting in mind that the area is largely inhibited by large scale farmers who own large tracks of land.This has contributed to the rebellion in what others have called a new age colonialism where only ten Tarakwa millionares make decions for hundred of thousands Eldoret South residents.

Other regions lack basic amenities,services and poor road networks,wallows in poverty with hoards of angry,frustrated and unemployed youth all this juxtaposed with a super-rich insatiably greedy Tarakwa tycoons who manipulate the underclass for it’s self-preservation.

To add insult to injury in what has been seen as a way to show that Tarakwa have a thinking they are the rightful owners of the parliamentary seat,they have posted a record six aspirants. Apart from the incumbent Peris Simam the others are Jonathan Birgen,Tito Koiyet, James Bett,Silas Kering and Gilbert Kipsang.

It’s also in record that the few Members of Parliament who have been elected from outside Tarakwa region have performed better than those from Tarakwa.This has given rise to thoughts of picking from outside Tarakwa region.

The other regions without aspiring candidates are Chagaiya/Timboroa, Kipkurere/Chereber, Kipchamo and Racecourse but the language being spoken is the same.The mood is that Tarakwa has had their chance,and despite the fact that this regions have not posted any aspiring candidates they are willing to support other candidates outside Tarakwa region.

Aspiring candidates from outside Tarakwa are: two from Kesses location; former MP David Koros and Ben Rutto and the other two; Julius limo and George Rop are from Tulwet location. James Letting the other aspirant from Tulwet location bowed out of the race at the beggining of this month opting to instead support George Rop.

It should also be considered that former MP David Koros is running on an ODM ticket and therefore is just waiting to battle it out with whoever is picked from the large number of aspirants who have flocked the popular URP Party.

The big question being asked is, are all the regions ganging up against Tarakwa? It’s also being followed keenly on wether Tarakwa will at the end rally behind one candidate and beat the other regions in their own game.There have been speculations that there are discussions within Tarakwa region to amicably put their strength behind one of their own in order to retain the parliamentary seat.Will they succeed?

The writer Kimutai Korir is Moi University Law graduate and a Political


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