Ben Rutto plunged into a deep dark hole

On a chilly monday morning our source set on a mission to specifically find out wether aspiring candidate Ben Rutto was officially joining the race or not.It was the 3rd of September,the day of reckoning,as civil servants with political ambitions were required to resign.

It is said Ben,in a dark black stripped suit holding a big brown envelope entered his supervisors office but a few minutes later,seemingly sweaty and in a dilemma came out still holding the big brown envelope.Our source could not however confirm wether he later on in the day tendered his resignation at the Moi University administration premises but a rumour has it that he did.

Ben Rutto’s dilemma could have emerged from the fact that IEBC has not yet gazetted the final boundary mark for Kesses Constituency but our contact inside IEBC told us it is the Lessos-Kesses-Cheptiret road.

He also is claimed to be without his homeground support,his neighbours do not identify with him. This makes it complicated since he can’t be assured of the outside vote he is banking on.

His other downfall is an allegation that as one of the his local church officials,he has been involved in mismanagement of funds.

It’s also on record that in his position at Moi University,where he had the ability to assist locals,he never assisted anyone in terms of job opportunities.

His other downfall is a general feeling that the man is full of empty promises. In his earlier campaigns it is claimed he made promises that went unfullfilled.

For a man who has been on a campaign trail for the last four years he may have exhausted his energies. That is a disadvantage that comes with engaging oneself in premature campaigns.

The other factor is the consideration that Ben Rutto was a member of incumbent Eldoret South MP Peris Simam’s kitchen cabinet hence is partly to blame for her failures. Many claim that it is like bringing back the same old team to leadership which has nothing new to offer.

It is also a fact to consider that in the event that the boundary does not go south for him,he still hails from the far end corner of the constituency.

His woes couldn’t get any better. The big question is,if Ben Rutto resigned and plunged into a deep dark hole?



2 thoughts on “Ben Rutto plunged into a deep dark hole

  1. I wonder if u clearly know what u claim to state all along men!? were u there when this guy tendered his resignation??absolutely NO!coz never happened on 3rd…… be informed he never resigned sawa dont put misleading and bogus statements here.

  2. the last time i checked Ben Rutto was not moi’s chief admin officer, the talk about him not helping u get a job is crap, nani alisema his neighbours are nt wth him that iz propaganda

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