Civil Servants Quit to join Politics

With 4th September fast approaching,civil servants are rushing to beat the dateline. A law requiring all civil servants to resign at least six months before the election date demands that by September 4th any civil servant who has ambitions of contesting for any of the six elective posts must have resigned.

KNUT officials were the only exceptional lot and were required to tender their resignation at least seven months before the election date. It means,they were required to quit their posts by 4th August. We confirmed that Wareng KNUT Executive secretary John Boor failed to beat the dateline. He had declared his intrest in the Kesses Parliamentary seat. When we reached him for comment he was not even aware of that mandatory requirement. This means the 50 year old John Boor will no longer contest.

On the other hand we confirmed directly from him that 57 year old Chief Julius Limo had retired from service to pursue his political ambitions. We could not however get a satisfactory explanation on why his name was still gazetted as a Chief.

James Bett an employee with Government printers was also preparing his exit papers. We could not reach him for comment but a close link confirmed that by the end of this week he would have officially resigned at the age of 47.

The other aspirant James Letting who is an employee with New KCC was however still not clear on wether he was resigning or not. The 37 year old who just wedded last week did not answer our call. A source close to him told us Letting was having second thoughts on quiting.

On the other hand we confirmed that George Rop was processing his exit papers. The 52 year old was kind enough to answer our call. He told us by the end of yesterday 29th of August he would have proccessed his exit papers from TSC.

Silas Kering who works for a private University could not however confirm to us wether he was quiting or not. The 32 year old tutors at Mount Kenya University.

TSC Senior employee Loice Murrey was also set to quit by the end of this week. The 42 year old is the only woman contestant on an ODM ticket.

Jonathan Birgen who works for a private air ticketing company was also non disclosive on wether he was quiting. The 37 year old however confirmed he was still on the race.

The other aspirant and 40 year old Ben Rutto was also non Commital on quiting. We could not reach him for comment since our call went unanswered,however a confidant confirmed he was developing cold feet since it has been rumoured the boundary would be Lessos-Kesses-Cheptiret road which would automatically lock him out of Kesses.

Kass Media Marketing Director who has set his eyes for the senate seat,Philip Melly was enthusiastic when he took our call. He told us since he was working for a private Media House it was not mandatory for him to quit but he was considering quiting so as not to be distracted by anything as he builds his bid.

Former MP David Koros who sits as a member of Board of Directors at East African Portland cement company was also not aware of the quit notice. When we tried to inquire from the 48 year old wether he didn’t know EAPCC was a parastatal he hanged up on us.

A few days to fourth,and while others have been bold enough to quit others are still having second thoughts. Will they all be still on the race as from 4th September? That’s the big question.



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