Why Bittok is topping

It’s evident that Governor aspirant Dr Julius Bittok is currently on the lead. Bittok outrightly declared URP party his governorship vehicle,this may have warmed the heart of those holding the party ranks. URP is the most popular party in Uasin Gishu County.

He has not only made a household name but his popularity has extended. He has recently been campaigning with party leader and Eldoret North MP William Rutto. This is not only a sign of being in good books with Rutto but they are very close and this gives him an added advantage.

Bittok is so far the only candidate that has nearly transversed the whole county. His tour to Chemusian IDP camp confirms that he is not leaving anything to chance and in addition he had in the past held a forum with Street urchins in Eldoret.

In addition,Bittok hails from the South part of Uasin Gishu and there has been talk that there is an unwritten understanding that Eldoret South should produce the Governor. This puts Bittok above ground since he is the only candidate from South after Lt. Gen(Rtd) Jack Tuwei shelved his governorship ambitions and the other potential candidate Philip Melly has now set his eyes on the senate seat.

It’s further in record that Bittok has the backing of most of those aspiring for lesser seats such as Senate,Parliamentary and County Assembly,who have strong backings at their homeground.

It has also been rumoured that Bittok intends to pick his deputy from the opposite gender,so far two strong candidates have been proposed,surprisingly they both share the same first name, Esther Muttai from Moiben and Esther Muigei from Turbo.

Esther Muttai has an upper hand since the unwritten power sharing agreement dictates that since North and South have the powerful Senate and Governor seat respectively and in addition North has Rutto eyeing the presidency, East should be given both Deputy Governorship,who should be a woman and the post of Women represantative.

Bittok has also intensified his campaign and is now a regular in media houses discussing matters devolution. So far he has been on K24, KTN, Citizen Powerbreakfast, Kass TV and a number of times on Kass Radio.

His education credentials has pitted him higher than the others,being a Phd holder in finance has raised his stakes. So far no other candidate has come close to outpacing him,it’s good to say he is currently topping.

Kimutai Korir is a law graduate from Moi University and a political analyst- kimutaiakorir@ovi.com


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