Koros Mission Impossible 2

In what many have termed a mission impossible,former Eldoret South MP David Koros is trying to get his feet back to the August House.

In what could be termed Koros Mission Impossible one, Koros was humiliated in the last elections by the sitting Eldoret South MP Peris Simam in tandem with the jinx of non re-election in Eldoret South.

Koros is said to have lost his backyard support. His close neighbours no longer identify with him. He is said he practised nepotism and rewarded his close family friends through employment during his tenure.

He has been closely associated with a rightwing youth group that terrorised those viewed as non-supporters and caused an untold amount of suffering to the locals. His tenure was marred with insecurity caused by this group locally reffered as Talibans. “We can’t afford to return to the dark days where terror reigned,” said one resident who sought anonymity.

It’s also said that Koros surrounds himself with a clique of people who worship and shower him with praise. He doesn’t associate with proffesionals and is innercircle is withouth a single proffesional. “Koros likes to be praised and doesn’t accept corrections,he can never humble himself but we will humbe him at the ballot,” voiced a local.

His lack of good communication skills is the other hinderance to his return to the limelight. “This is a person who can’t even express himself in his native language let alone Kiswahili and English,”commented a former colleague. Putting in consideration that the the new parliament will be purely legislative then Koros withouth any Oratorical power will be a mere spectator. “Koros is an analog thinker while parliament has turned digital,it would be a grave mistake to elect an outdated man in a digital era,” laughed off a proffesional. It’s also alleged that during his tenure he was once bribed and he went to the washrooms while a bill was being voted for in parliament. The hansard also shows he rose on just two occasions to adress the house.

In addition to the already uphill task is the fact that Koros is running on an ODM ticket a party that has lost popularity in North Rift. It should be remembered that in 2007 the ODM wave swept political heavyweights like Stephen Tarus and Kipruto Kirwa and this time it’s expected that URP will do a replica in Rift Valley.

In what is clearly seen as picking a losing battle,Koros has been undermining URP party leader who is the Political Kingpin in Rift Valley. “Koros is a political infant and it’s laughable when he tries to fight a political heavyweight like Rutto,” said a political analyst.

His supporters have been claiming that they will support a weak URP candidate who they can easily outrun at the General election but as our analyst pointed out,”after the nomination it will be a Rutto-Koros battle and no matter how weak the candidate is we know who will carry the day.”

“He is a man who likes being praised and worshipped. He is the small god to his phsycophantic followers,but we will humble him at the ballot for a second time,” said a resident. “It seems he didn’t learn a lesson in the last elections but we aren’t tired of teaching him and this time he will learn the hard way,”added another resident.

It has been rumoured that Koros will flex his financial muscle but an analyst warns this is tantamount to political suicide since handouts have been outlawed. “In this era where technology has advanced opponents can set a trap and videorecord you giving out handouts,” this our analyst says would lead to automatic disqualification. “He is an old era politician who believes votes can be bought,but he won’t hoodwink voters with his cash infact he may land himself into trouble because we are watching him closely,” said a critic.

Is Koros trying a mission impossible two? The verdict is out.



5 thoughts on “Koros Mission Impossible 2

  1. This in my view is a man who’ll never learn,Kesses being in North rift is undoubtedly a URP zone and looking back at his political leadership skills one will never stop asking what else he might think he’ll do for the people that he never did during his five -year tenure.This in my opinion is an uphill task for him,good advice for him though would be to quit politics and safe face if ever there’s one to.

  2. Non sensical idealogies for selfish culprits and those maniacs of non-conformities…we r past these guys,let us join hands 2gera and build our love city rather than negetive critics that will not take us any where..koros was more than all this rubish,he was a performer and a strategist,a consumate political schemer of his generation.i sympathise with who is still and not understand the art mature politics……..

  3. This is arumour n non sensical opinion for selfish individual..
    We r nt so much for the party politics bt an issue based politics that can lead us to development in our constituency.koros proved to us that he was the man to lead wth what he did to pple wth alittle cdf funds bt much developments..thus making hm aperfomer the man we want in our constituency..

  4. Koros is not a performer n this time round pple are looking at the party not the person. Look at what happen at market ward Eldoret, is it not in the North Rift? That is exactly what will happen in Kesses constituency,people will vote along tribal party lines

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