The Power of Social Media

It’s now clear that some aspirants campaign teams are proving to be more conscious than their opponents are in exploiting the power of social media,particularly facebook and twitter.

With social media set to be very important this coming elections,Hon Peris Simam,Tito Koiyet,Silas Kering and George Rop have raised the bar on targeting voters via social media.

Apart from their facebook personal accounts they also have support groups: Tito Koiyet for Mp Kesses Constituency Member of Parliament, Lecturer Silas Kering for Mp Kesses Constituency, George Rop for MP Kesses constituency and Simam has a fanpage- Hon Peris Simam Re-election 2013.

Hon Peris Simam and George Rop have outpaced others by going a notch higher and using the Twitter Platform, @Hon_simam and @Georgerop respectively.

George Rop is the most active on facebook. “He holds a distinct advantage over his opponents in the way he campaigns using Social Media and communicating directly with voters who are on social media,”commented our political analyst Kirwa Magut.

While being active on Social Media doesn’t neccesarily translate into more votes,candidates who exploit the use of modern digital technology have an advantage over the others and as political stratergist Isaac Kwambai puts it,”an effective online stratergy in this coming elections is likely to bear electoral fruit.

The writer Kimutai Korir is a Moi University Law Graduate and currently actively participates in analysing Kesses Constituency Politics-


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