The boundary factor.

There are speculations that following the High court dismissal of the petition to have Megun ward in Kesses constituency the new boundary mark is the Lessos-Kesses-Cheptiret-Annex Road.

It has been alleged area MP Peris Simam largely influenced the outcome in order to lock out his political rivals Gilbert Tenai and Former MP David Koros who she says have become thorns in her flesh. Others set to be affected by the new boundary alignment include Simam’s former p.a Ben Rutto, Retired Chief Julius Limo and KNUT Executive Secretary John Boor.

Simam will largely benefit since she no longer has to content with Koros’s political intrusions.She will also have proven that she is politically connected than her arch-rivals.

Koros has since gone mute but insiders claim if the boundary goes as has been rumoured he will request his party ODM to make him the deputy to whoever the party nominates as Governor.This is possible considering his close ties with party Chairman Henry Kosgey. John Boor is also claimed to be seeking to be picked to deputise his long time friend and Governor aspirant WPDE Dr Kenneth Misoi while Julius Limo has already declared he will be vying for the Senate post. Ben Rutto is still pondering wether to drop his bid or shift it to Kapsaret and Gilbert Tenai has relocated to the lesser Cheptiret/Kipchamo ward County representative.

The other likely beneficiary if the speculated boundary goes through is Former Tac Tutor George Rop. It means he will now be singularly controlling the whole Tulwet vote since Limo has left the scene,he also will be in total control of the massive teachers vote though John Boor had never had any impact so far.It is also rumoured that George Rop is in good books with Koros due to his political neutrality and he may give him his blessings.”I respect Hon Koros and since he is in ODM and I am in URP I wish him all the best and in the event we meet at the final ballot we will compete gentlemanly,”George Rop was quoted recently.Rop is also very close friends with Tenai and since he is now vying for another seat it’s certain he will throw his weight behind Rop.Ben Rutto is also tipped to support Rop in exchange of support in parts of Rop’s home turf that will now be in Kapsaret.

Silas Kering could also benefit considering he would have competed with Tenai on the platform of generational change of guard.Furthermore unconfirmed sources claim Maritim Rirei has withdrawn from the race and the likely beneficiaries are both Rop and Kering who are very close friends to Rirei. George Rop’s added advantage is that he hails from a large location that has never produced an MP.

Hon Peris Simam is currently fighting her way out of corruption cases.If she wins the cases it will rekindle his bid for re-election.In the recent past she has hit the ground running in what is seen as trying to regain ground support.Her case is set to be heard on Monday 23rd this July.


One thought on “The boundary factor.

    Simam leadership track record stands out and speaks for itself. The corruption case is just termed as political witch hunt as there is no tangible evidence against her. Some people are not impressed because Eldoret south is among the highly ranked constituencies in Kenya by Citizen Report Card Agency on efficient use and utilization of CDF.
    FORMER Eldoret South MP David Koros should not blame his successor on the allegations being made against her that are still in the court as it is alleged that he is the architect of everything. Her opponents and some of the CDF officials she sacked for alleged insubordination have ganged up with EACC to implicate her in the misappropriation of public funds that doesn’t exist. Some unconfirmed sources alleges that Koros is closely linked with the CDF sacked officials and have ganged up against Hon Simam impunity of the highest order
    Some of the projects Simam is accused to have stalled happened during Koros tenure. Koros is acting as though he is an official of the anti-corruption agency and he was never an MP of Eldoret South. Citizens should be given a chance to air their views and some politicians should stop propagating falsehood to gain political advantage. Allegations that are under court of law should not be propagated in rally meetings as was witnessed when Koros recently Spoke at Ngeria trading centre in Uasin Gishu county during a funds drive in aid of a kidney patient.
    Koros is also alleged to be, a close ally of ODM national chairman Henry Kosgey. It is therefore evident that he is there to use all possible means to scuffle Hon Simam vibrant tenure so that the misdeed he committed during his tenure are hidden. That speaks out for itself on what is actually happening. How can you own and confess to misdeeds you did? That is the question I will ask Koros. Koros leadership style of malice was recently seen at the burial of New KCC Director Joseph Kogos where Simam was booed by a group deemed to be supporters of Hon Koros.
    On politics, URP is the party that I believe will guide Kesses members in the rightful political direction come the next general election. Kesses, will largely rely on the advice and goodwill of the URP leader. Pertaining to the Presidential candidate we should rally behind him we vote as a block. Some political leaders in Rift Valley Province should stop misleading the community into supporting parties that are led by greedy and corrupt old guides as was recently exposed.
    Simam has never embezzled the funds and evidence will be shown in my next article. Her political opponents are out there to tarnish her name and to scuttle her chances of retaining the seat in the coming general elections. Simam still has goodwill for all the constituents.
    In the next article i will explore tangible evidence that all the allegations against Hon Simam are politically motivated. I will explore:
    False allegations of her close opponents, some anti graft officials, sacked CDF officials and some of her friends whom she turned down their offers to commit corrupt dealings that are baseless.”Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako kweli”
    Kachur Holdings Allegations and the truth
    Tendering allegations and the truth
    Road project allegations and the trut

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