The current political Landscape in Kesses Constituency.

The current political landscape in Kesses is full of uncertainities.The incumbent Hon Peris Jepchumba Simam is deemed to have lost ground support and no longer has any political cloud.It’s also in the history of Eldoret South that it has never been a walk in the park to get a re-election.”Eldoret south politics are complicated and it’s unlikely that Simam will break the jinx of non re-election”,political analyst Dr. Kiplagat said. Currently Simam has not made any effort to reclaim her lost influence and this among other factors has made the race wide open.

On the other hand Former MP Hon David Koros is making plans for a comeback but as our analyst put it Koros is trying a mission impossible.Worse still Koros is his riding on the ODM party which locals no longer identify with after the emergence of Eldoret North MP William Rutto’s URP.”We can not lie to ourselves that the dominant URP Party doesn’t influence the voting pattern in Rift Valley.If you are not in URP then you are just trying to scale a slippery wall”,said Dr Kiplagat.

The other aspirant Rev. Maritim Rirei has since disappeared from the political scene but our sources speculate he may have gone to seek financial support from his diaspora friends.There are also unconfirmed reports that he may have withdrawn from the race.”When you declare your candidature and disappear from the political scene that fast you could easily be written off.It also gives room for propagandist to spread rumours that you have withdrawn your candidature,this will mean you have to spent a valuable time fighting propaganda instead of building your bid”,said Dr Kiplagat.

George Rop is so far the aspirant being watched closely by everyone.Initially we had stated he lacked the muscle to run his campaign but our sources confirmed that he is being funded by his former students in the diaspora and friends here in Kenya.This explains his latest ground cover to popularise his candidature across the constituency.He also appeals to older voters more than any other aspirants and his oratorical prowess has a way of capturing the attention of youthful voters.So far he has maintained his tempo.”It’s not easy to maintain the tempo of your campaign but if you manage to keep that tempo,you become a force to reckon,”said Dr Kiplagat.

Meanwhile Silas Kering is the other aspirant playing a higher league with George Rop.His academic qualifications put him on a higher scale but having not declared which party he will be seeking his election on,speculations are ripe that he may be warming up for Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA in a move to attract the determinant Kikuyu vote.He is also running on generational change of guard platform but our analyst warns about this.”When you push that as youth it’s our time,this may cause rebellion from older voters.That’s why when aspirants like Rop assures voters that he will be the bridge between the youth and the older generation,he gains alot of support,”warned Dr Kiplagat.

Jonathan Birgen has also gone missing and has since not been keeping his promises to the voters.One scenario was when women who wanted to be recruited to the JOYWA group waited till nightfall in various villages but he never showed up.Dr Kiplagat had this to say”If as early as now you begin not honouring your word,it’s as good as digging your own grave.”Jonathan Birgen has also been alleged to be among those deemed to benefit through direct nomination due to his close ties with the party leader but this Dr Kiplagat warns may work against him.

UDM deputy secretary general Tito Koiyet has been conducting a massive campaign but being in UDM a party not in good books with locals is a disadvantage. History has also shown that no one has ever tried twice and made it in Eldoret South.”I think he is a spent bullet. Once you have tried and never made it is useless to keep trying since the voters are still the same,”added Dr Kiplagat.

The other aspirant Gilbert Tenai has been keeping his fingers crossed that his alleged voter base Megun be brought back to Kesses Constituency and was among those who presented the boundary petition to the High court.Sources claim that his close ties with Koros make him seen as a project to destablize URP Cheptiret voter base.”At this point it’s possible for anyone to be a project to topple URP’s influence in the region and moreso putting in consideration that ODM are very tactical schemers,” pointed Dr Kiplagat.

James Bett has also been fairing on well and has a large voter base.He is also considered to have a strong financial might,however our analyst confirms that until ’07 campaign time, financial strength has never really counted.”Koros and his predecessors made it withouth spending alot so I wouldn’t say that is advantagous,”said Dr Kiplagat.

Financers wanting to invest on some of these aspirants are watching with both eyes open but on who to put your money on Dr Kiplagat said, “I would bet on James Bett,George Rop and Sila Kering.”



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